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Use These 4 Ultimate Tools to Optimize Your Facebook Audience

Tailoring your advertisements for your audience is a key part of marketing, but what if you could also tailor the audience your message is delivered to? Facebook ad targeting can do wonders in narrowing down the viewers your ads will be exposed to, meaning that the tools they provide make it easier for you to find your optimal audience. Facebook targeting can be done in a variety of aspects, so consider using this list of our top four to narrow down your audience:

– Location. Location can be key to many businesses, because a local crowd is often easier to manage than a scattered, far away one. You may not want to narrow your audience by location at all if you’re not concerned with needing to physically reach them, but consider what areas you can still narrow down, whether it’s because of physical boundaries, language boundaries, or even country.

– Life events. There are many demographical factors you can use in narrowing down your search, but one many overlook is using life events. If your business can be tailored to people having kids, getting married, buying homes, etc., then take advantage of this! Whether you’re a party planner, photographer, childcare professional, or really anything remotely related, this could be a good option for you.

– Behaviors. Are you interested in tailoring to those with specific travel, online, or spending behaviors? You can be even this specific, aiming for people that may need or want your business’ assistance depending on what their lifestyle is like.

– Income. Income is another often-forgotten bracket that you can use to narrow down your audience, and it should certainly be embraced. Some services are catered to audiences with broader budgets, or even for people who may be looking to save some money– consider this when narrowing your audience income options.

We all want to be reaching the right audience at the right times with the right information– it’s what a successful strategy is all about. Consider using these options to help optimize the way you’re reaching out for customers. For any questions or help in achieving your marketing goals, contact i3 today!

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