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5 Tips to Capitalize Your Business Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform unlike any other– instead of focusing on community and togetherness, it’s typically for much more individual usage! It’s a platform made to inspire people to do what they love, to create, and to build their passion. People collect ‘pins’ for ‘boards’ based on their interests, with pins ranging from art, DIY, interior design, party planning, and a wide assortment of other fields put out by businesses, websites, and even some individuals.

To stand out on Pinterest is a different task altogether than standing out on other platforms, so here are our tips on how to do so!

1. Pins should be your focus, not boards. On your business’ Pinterest page, you can organize your content amongst boards, but don’t focus too hard on this! What customers are collecting are pins, so put more of your effort into those.

2. Choose various pin heights. While Pinterest crops your images width-wise, it’s up to you how high your images are. If possible, use portrait-style images and embrace their height to stand out! When scrolling, a customer is more likely to take notice of a bigger image.

3. Add some text to overlay your images. While you can make captions for pins, while searching, a viewer won’t immediately see them. What will stand out is a simple title for your content, made to stand out in an overlay on the image. Viewers will immediately know what they’re clicking on, so it’ll be easier to pique their interest.

4. When it comes to piquing their interest, the images used are also crucial. Choose colorful, light images to best catch attention. It’s also helpful to display several at once in a collage-style pin!

5. Consider posting DIYs! Many of the creative spirits on Pinterest are looking for outlets, so give them some inspiring ways to spend their time! Advertise your DIY clearly, with images depicting steps and a text overlay to tell viewers what information you’re giving them. The DIY can be on anything industry-related, but try to keep it simple and somehow fun!

Integrating these ideas can help you on the way to successful Pinterest marketing, so don’t feel shy to try them out! You can also check out i3’s Pinterest page for inspiration! If you’d like further help or more information, contact us today!

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