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SEO Audits (Part 2)

Welcome back!  This week, we’ll be continuing on last week’s SEO Audit.  Did you find the information useful?  Some of it may appear to be overwhelming, but don’t despair – we’re here to help.  Feel free to get in touch with i3 if you need help with your audit!

Now on to the good stuff, part 2 of our SEO Audit!

Head on over to Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool.  Checking your site’s performance is our next, and very important, part of the audit.

Let’s do an analysis of CNN.com, as an example.


Hmm, not so great!  It’s not surprising to get a low score if you have a content-heavy site with many photos and videos. We here at i3 constantly make changes to improve our own site’s performance – it’s a continuous process, and things such as server load, number of visitors, etc, can have a huge impact on your score.  Still, it’s ideal to get a score of 80+, especially since Google now counts page speed as a ranking factor.

So, there we have it, a great start to an SEO audit. Give it a shot and let us know your results!

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