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Website Metrics For Business Owners: Page Views and Top Requested Pages

By now, I hope you are getting used to our Friday metric blogs. If you are a new reader, please see, Website Metrics For Business Owners: Sessions to be introduced to the idea. Week 1, we talked about sessions, and last week, bounce rate and exit pages.

This week, we will cover page views and top requested pages.

Page views are the number of times a specific page was requested. Page views are important to track engagement across your site. The more pages users visit, the more engaged they are with your website’s content. If a particular page has significantly more views than your other pages, you should analyze that page to try to duplicate its success across your site.

Your top requested pages are the pages with the most page views. Looking at the top requested pages can help you get a better idea for what content your website visitors are looking for when they visit. This metric can also help with website structure and optimization efforts. If you were planning on redesigning your site, for example, you would want to ensure that the pages with the highest page views be easily accessible from your main navigation.


When i3 designs a website, we take into account these important factors. Your success is our success!

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