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Optimal Landing Pages for Customer Clarity

When a visitor comes to your website, the first impression is key in maintaining their attention. What is your audience seeing when they’re linked to your page? Ideally, they can tell immediately what your business is about and what it has to offer. It’s in your business’ best interest that your landing page is fully-optimized to perform the task of reeling perspective customers in. There are many common features that will assist you in this, so it is best to pay attention to them.

Landing pages often focus on business identity, social media icons, headlines, screenshots, videos, or even testimonials. These features help to distinguish your products or services, letting your site’s visitors know what your business is about in a streamlined manner. Being able to visualize your business in a meaningful way will be the best route to transitioning potential customers into satisfied customers. Calls to action are also typically prevalent, leading visitors to the right course of action to take if they’re interested in your product. The landing page is about showing off your business’ purpose and letting customers get immediately engaged if it seems to be the right fit for them.

Other things to keep in mind concerning your website’s landing page include its functionality. Make sure that you are building this page for your visitors, not for Google. Even if the ability to find your website through a search engine is of importance, your landing page, in particular, should be made with primarily your visitors in mind, to best grab their attention. The page should also be fast and responsive, leaving minimal wait time for your visitors. The faster it loads, the more likely they are to stick around to explore it further. Having to wait too long for a page to load is a horrible blow to your website’s usability.

Keeping these parts and concepts in mind when overlooking your website’s landing page can be a helpful starting point in ensuring your business is putting its best foot forward for first impressions. For more insight about digital marketing or to get started on analyzing your website’s overall performance today, give i3 a call.

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