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Keeping Track of SEO

When dealing with search engine optimization, it’s easy to become focused entirely on getting a top rank with search engines. The problem with this is that a website’s rank among search engines can change so quickly, even as often as hourly, that there needs to be other ways to assess if the SEO techniques you have in play are actually working to bring in the desired traffic. An effective SEO campaign will have a positive impact on multiple areas of a business and its website, and while rank is obviously the end game, those other areas can be used to monitor how your SEO engagement is performing.

Additional factors to measure SEO success include time spent on a website by visitors, how many pages were viewed, where the traffic is coming from, and if there was interaction with the business beyond just viewing the website.  If someone can find a website but leaves before moving beyond the homepage, or a business never receives filled out contact forms or other communication from visitors, there may be something missing.   There’s also the possibility of having a great website that doesn’t show up at all on search engines. Tracking all of these factors will help to give a clear picture of which areas of SEO are performing well and which need some improvement.

With the fact that SEO techniques and search engine algorithms are constantly changing, it is beneficial for a business to seek the assistance of a professional firm that has solid SEO experience.  An agency providing you with SEO services should be able to provide you with a regular assessment of how the tools they are using are affecting your business, and what areas may need improvement.  If you need help with your search engine optimization techniques, contact i3 Media Solutions today.

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