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Instagram’s New Shopping Features

Just in time for the holidays, Instagram gifted users three new shopping features to make purchases simpler for both businesses and customers! These features are a part of Instagram’s increasing amount of business tools, letting viewers shop with simple clicks and helping businesses to draw in customer attention and track how they’re earning it. Take advantage of these tools for yourself by learning about each of them and how they can be harnessed below!

1 – Shopping Collections – Shopping collections are a new feature that act like a personal shopping cart for users! They allow viewers to save products that they’re interested in from various businesses that they can them save and access later. The collections can be viewed from their profiles, making product selection and remembering simple and easy! This means if you are posting products for sale, there’s a chance you’ll have not only first-time item viewer conversions, but those who return to look at them later on!

2 – Products Tagged Via Video – Businesses can now tag items for sale in a video, with a simple way to view them beneath the post. Videos on Instagram are classically not taggable, but this move makes it simple for businesses to market their products with videos as opposed to only linking their shop to images. This increases their reach and should ultimately help with conversions!

3 – Shop Tabs – Businesses can now add Shop tabs to their profiles, which will take users directly to the products they’ve listed for sale. The feed shows both items for sale as well as the posts they’re featured in, making both product listings and posts relating to products increasingly relevant on this platform.

Altogether, these three new features mean new, wonderful ways to focus on your business’ products over Instagram! Take advantage of these options by posting images and now videos with your products, encouraging viewers to add your products to their collections, and working on creating an impressive Shop tab to really make your efforts count. If you need help accomplishing this or staying on top of other social media news and tools, then rely on i3! Give us a call today!  

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