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Importance of Website Maintenance

When you hire a company to build your website, you look for someone who can create an eye-catching and user-friendly site, however, equally important to the actual development is website maintenance. If a website is not properly maintained continuously, security and usability may be compromised.

The main component of website maintenance is updating the content management system. The content management system or CMS is the central control panel for a website, a one-stop shop where the features of a website can be changed and updated. The CMS itself must be updated from time to time just like any other software or device. Developers may release an update that includes new features or bug fixes for the CMS; think about all those software update notifications you get on your phone.  Sometimes the updates are completely unnoticeable, while other times they may fix major security loop holes. Part of a company’s image is its trustworthiness, and no one wants to leave their customers vulnerable to security weak spots.


The plugins and themes on a website will also need to be updated periodically to keep them compatible and functioning properly. Having a potential customer open a website and not be able to see all the features (ie videos), due to outdated plugins may cost a company new business. After all, your website is often your only chance at a first impression.

At i3, we not only build one of a kind websites, but we provide ongoing, top quality website maintenance.  Our team will keep all features of your website up to date, while being sure to perform backups of the website files and databases.  We also take time to train our customers on the process of website maintenance giving peace of mind that their website is compatible with current technology and safe for customers to use.

Call us today to see what we can do to help with your website!

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