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4 Steps to Make Your Social Media Strategy Easier

Social media can be a hassle– it’s no secret. It can be hard to wrap your head around, figure out what to post, and even just make the proper time for. However, there are a handful of steps you can take to not only make this process easier but to better master it as well! At i3, we’re passionate about leading our clients through all forms of digital media, including education to keep them on their A-game. Allow us to explain our top 4 methods of making social media strategy easier!

1 – Target your customers. Having social media pages is a great start, but using the general public as your target audience just doesn’t do the job well enough. Focus instead on narrowing down your scope to your ideal customers. Which platforms do your current customers use? What kind of voice can you use to appeal to them? What will they want to hear? You can also funnel your messages by choosing who sees what, whether you’re focusing on return customers, people who have visited your competitors’ pages, or more!

2 – Focus your efforts on what you want your audience to know or do. What is your ultimate goal with social media? It may be helpful to even have a few, but try narrowing your scope down to only a handful of goals at most. By knowing and keeping your ultimate goals on hand, you can remember to write in calls to action to earn the interaction you’re wanting, focus on providing the information that you really want to get out there and hone in on what you actually want people to know as a whole.

3 – Review your social media performance. Reviewing your work is crucial to step up your game and it can be an easy process too! For instance, check out which of your posts have gotten the most likes, shares, and comments. Compare that to which posts have gotten the least– what’s the difference? Whether it’s using this review to find what days and times of posting are best, which content people want to see, or how people were engaging, adjustments based on what you’re seeing can be crucial!

4 – Hire i3! At i3 Media Solutions, we’re ready to help you tackle all aspects of your digital marketing strategy, no matter your level of involvement! From your social media posts and page management, through website design and search engine optimization, and even into email marketing and beyond, our experts are knowledgeable and ready to not only assist but educate you along the way. Give us a call to get started! Let’s sit down and talk about what we can do for your business individually.

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