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4 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO

The team at i3 knows WordPress is the best CMS to work with for a reason– we prefer its abilities for creating and maintaining the custom-built sites that we love. There are a multitude of useful capabilities to adore, such as how amazingly WordPress works alongside SEO. As your CMS (content management system) of choice, it helps you to create seamless user experience, attractive URLs, and makes it easy to manage your metadata.

When it comes to SEO, WordPress:

✾ Creates seamless user experiences – Between its themes, plugins, and the ability to directly edit your website, WordPress gives you plenty of opportunities to create both stunning and user-friendly websites. Incorporate its plugins to manage different aspects of your website, like comments, widgets, and even SEO, as we will further explain below.

✾ Allows you to create your own permalinks – While they will automatically fill in, you can also manually adjust any of your website URLs that you so wish to. This means you can make them easy to understand and remember, but you can also include your keywords and page titles into them!

✾ Supports amazing SEO plugins – With WordPress, you have a variety of SEO plugins to incorporate into your site that will help you in adding meta descriptions, titles, and keywords, as well as managing your input as well as your content readability. This content is truly crucial to SEO, so making such details easy to handle is a huge help.

✾ Makes adding alt text to images easy – In its media gallery, you can easily edit your uploaded images, videos, and other files at any time. This includes adding titles, descriptions, and alt text with ease, as well as describing your images to search engines as and viewers who can’t see them.

WordPress makes many aspects of SEO easier to handle, incorporating user-friendly abilities, plugins and more to ensure that your website can be well-optimized. That is why our team stands behind WordPress as the best CMS for SEO – among other things. Our team would love to help you embrace these aspects and more! Contact i3 Media Solutions today to get started!  

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