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3 Main Considerations in Establishing a Brand Persona

We can all tell what dry or hollow business marketing sounds like– it’s not difficult for users to tell, either! So coming across ingenuine or only out for money doesn’t accomplish your marketing goals. What can help you avoid this issue and instead garner your audience’s interest and support is establishing a brand persona! A business with clear motivations and an even tone across platforms is what will be most successful in marketing, so let’s start working on that for your own business! Here are the three main points to consider:

1 – Have clear motivations. While one of a business’ priorities may be making sales, that’s often not what a business is all about. Typically, some other forces are also at work, like spreading knowledge, community service, continuing a family business, spreading your passion use these goals to relate to your audience and prove that you’re not only after their money! This will bring depth to your marketing strategy by proving your human side and encouraging your audience not only to spend their money because you enjoy being paid, but because of reasons they could list if asked. If you can’t think of clear motivations yourself, consider giving your audience motivation by stating what you could help them with or by sharing client success stories.

2 – Set your tone to match your audience. A business should have a distinguishable tone in their writing and across their other marketing streams. Do you want to sound young and peppy, serious and seasoned, funny and relatable? Your tone should be made to suit your ideal customer! If you’re a fashion brand seeking to appeal to teens, try out a fun, exciting tone; if you’re a business lawyer that’s focused on sharing facts and information, try for a more mature, serious tone. You may want to try out a few before settling on one stable voice, but keeping this voice consistent once you decide is crucial unless you start rebranding.

3 – Base your content off of your audience. Again, your audience and what they want is crucial– so make content they’ll want to see! Check out what your customers post and when it’s relatable, use similar content to achieve your purposes. For instance, if your clients love Italian food and you sell pizzas, make sure you’re posting more Italian-focused pizzas! If your clients love romance and you’re a florist, make posts about flowers being given out of love and flowers with the different meanings of love! It’s also important to know what they’re looking for from you in particular. Take note of what gets the most traffic when you publish it– do your clients read your blogs, prefer certain subjects, or engage better when you’re posting pictures? Take note and use their preferences to your advantage!

All in all, establishing a brand persona can take some time, but we’re here to help! Give i3 a call and we’ll be happy to analyze your audience and their tastes and help you come up with just what motivations you should really be sharing and pushing forward. We’re experts in our field, so let us help you show that you’re an expert in yours!

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