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The Growing World of Mobile Internet Traffic

As of October of this year, mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage for the first time ever. According to a study conducted by StatCounter, 51.3% of all website visitors over the month of October were using mobile devices. The rising popularity of internet usage on mobile devices is shaping how the marketing industry flows, with an increasing focus on mobile advertisements and compatibility. What this means for businesses is that advertising is now shifting in a mobile-friendly direction, and any efforts done digitally should be at the very least mobile-friendly.

So, what efforts are other businesses making? Seeing where big companies are focusing their mobile projects can be telling of what marketing opportunities should now be focused on. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau, over this year: mobile search revenue increased 105 percent to 7.4 billion, mobile video rose 178 percent to 1.6 billion, and mobile banner ad revenue rose 62 percent to 6 billion. These numbers are telling of effective marketing adjustments, considering the new statistics on mobile internet usage. Money spent to focus mobile-specific or directed advertisements is on the rise, so opportunities in this area are worth business’ attention.

Another aspect of this growth to take into consideration is the increase in social media growth relative to the mobile usage. Research done by PwC Advisory Services shows that the non-search oriented section of the growth in mobile internet usage is almost entirely focused on social media platforms. This means that one way to take advantage of this changing marketing trend is by boosting your business’ focus on social media platforms. With viewers spending more attention to social media, it means more opportunity for a comprehensive social media strategy to flourish.

Overall, this mobile internet usage trend means that businesses should be moving towards making their digital marketing efforts more mobile- and social media-friendly. Taking advantage of posting and advertising on social media platforms tied hand-in-hand with mobile website compatibility is a great strategy to start with moving forwards. For more information or to start making these mobile-friendly adjustments, contact i3 today. We’re on top of not only industry standards, but also quickly-evolving trends and will help keep your business’ digital marketing at its best.

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