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Social Media Loyalty

Social media is huge these days when it comes to digital marketing– many businesses depend on the major platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to reap the expansive marketing exposure that they can earn. Not only this, but the majority of customers will visit and rely on a business’ social media presence when making a first impression. However, it can be difficult to start this good online reputation if you’re not getting noticed, or if your visitors aren’t actually interested in your business or further pursuing your services. With this growing need for positive social media engagement with customers, it has become a possibility to gain popularity by instilling loyalty programs through social media.

Many businesses employ loyalty programs for their services for those who visit their brick and mortar locations, but it is also possible to use them over social media platforms. Special offers, coupons, and giveaways are especially popular around Facebook, so keeping this in mind, you can use their appeal to your advantage. You can direct viewers of an ad to visit a page for a coupon or discount, be it your website, Facebook page, or even another external destination. Using a tracking technique, it’s possible to identify which users follow the bait and visit your website based off of this cue.

From there, you have led them to your business page to encourage them to see it, while also giving them the benefit of access to a discount. You can continue on from here, leading them from the first web page to another by promising another coupon or discount. By giving them promises of increased rewards that can both be given online and tracked through some effort on your half, you’ll be able to create a unique loyalty program that can earn you increased attention and engagement.

Incorporating a social media-based loyalty program can earn you attention and new customers, with promises that will pull people in while also getting them introduced to you and your business. This type of loyalty program can take prospective customers and draw them into being a repeat customer, based on what kind of promotions you offer. To get the technical work started or to learn more, contact i3 today!

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