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How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your Business

Social media is a great means of communicating with and educating your customers as well as others online, but it can be difficult to get your posts noticed, especially if it’s on a particularly narrow topic. When there’s so much information online, it can take a lot of know-how to properly market your own piece of the giant archive. So, how do you get noticed and help guide others seeking your information right to it? While there are many ways to assist in going about this, one simple way is hashtags.

Hashtags help categorize online information, so when posting to social media, they can be used to help online viewers find what they’re looking for. Using proper hashtags for your social media is of the utmost importance, as they are a big driving factor for traffic. We recommend including at least a few hashtags with every social media post to help customers and other online viewers find your information.

Start with a site that lets you find popular hashtags.At i3, one of the sites we use is RiteTag. From there, start with more general hashtags that relate to the type of work you do. Keep it simple. Are you a florist? Try typing in ‘florist’ or ‘flowers’ and continue from there. Pick a hashtag option that is both fitting for you and popular among the rankings. This will help narrow down the kind of expert you are, meaning if someone is searching for someone in your area of expertise, they’re more likely to find you.

Next, consider your topic. What are you trying to educate people on, and what subjects does this encompass? For instance, if you’re a florist posting about how to cut rose stems, maybe consider trying to search for related phrases like ‘roses’, ‘flower care’, ‘stem cutting’ and the like into RiteTag. Your goal here should be to consider what your customers or others who are interested in this type of information would type in to find it. Think carefully about what problems or information your post focuses on, and try to narrow down the related phrases from there.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact i3 today to either help with or to take care of your hashtags for you. Hashtags will ultimately do you a favor in getting your information out there, and help those online find the right information. Consider adding some to your new and existing social media posts!

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