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Marketing on TikTok

TikTok is an app made popular for its feed of short videos, which vary from users lip-syncing, to dancing, playing with animals, or even showing quick how-to’s. Its growing popularity and newly-integrated sponsored ads means it’s becoming a wonderful, new marketing frontier as well. In light of its recent, landmark 1 billion downloads, we’re here to explain some ways you can start taking advantage of it. So, how do you leverage this new kind of video platform for your business? 

1 – Businesses can start by making accounts and linking them to their existing Instagram and YouTube pages! You can then cross-promote your pages in order to drive your customers to find you on TikTok, where a broad range of Gen-Z and millennials enjoy spending their time. Interconnecting these accounts makes it easier for you to spread your content among them, with ways to share your videos and link potential customers back to your website and other pages to learn more.

2 – Start making videos! The point of TikTok is video entertainment, so whether you have existing videos you can cut into smaller clips from YouTube, or if you’re ready to start making some fresh ones with the app itself, it’s important to start coming up with concepts and putting out content. 

3 – Create videos that can trend! TikTok is an app that gives preference to those who follow its trends. If you follow some big brands, users, or businesses like your own, you can find out what’s popular among them and jot down some ideas based on what trends or challenges are going around. For instance, popular audios are often on the featured page for you to use in your own way! There are also dance trends, challenges for different causes, and other types to explore!

4 – Show off your skills! While TikTok is for user fun, it’s also still there for your business’ marketing, so show off what you can do! Bakeries often show time lapses of their products, interior designers can show off the process of decorating a room, mechanics can show quick car tips– there’s a huge array of different possibilities! What you put out there doesn’t always even have to correlate directly to your business, so long as your message can still be recognized. For instance, there are lawyers, teachers, and other professionals that will create TikToks from their office that still show off their professions, while also showcasing a bit of fun.

Whether or not you choose to integrate TikTok into your main marketing strategy, consider its power and use it as a tool to relate to your viewers! While Gen-Z and millennials can sometimes be difficult to catch the attention of, being able to relate to them even with the mention of TikTok could prove well worth it. To learn more about the latest marketing strategies, contact i3 Media Solutions today!  

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