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Let’s Ditch These 4 Bad SEO Habits

There are a lot of commonplace habits across websites that are meant to boost SEO that seem harmless but in reality, they’re doing nothing but hurting you and maybe even driving away your potential customers. These techniques are outdated, futile, and often downright tacky. Let us explain some of the major ones we’ve come across as well as why they deserve to be ditched immediately.

1 – Duplicate or similar content. Reposting content from another site, another area of your site, or even creating pages with very similar content are all techniques some websites use to try making the most of your keywords. The problem with this is that not only will viewers on your website notice, but this brings the overall quality of your site down, and search engines will most certainly notice and dock you for it.

2 – Insincere link building. Sending out spam emails to request links across other websites is a tactic that is not only frustrating, but it can easily come across as insincere. It can also mean that you’re only link building for the traffic, but that won’t get you the right kind of traffic. If you’re reaching out to someone to ask that they link to you, do your research to ensure that you can personalize the email to them and that they’d really have the interests of your ideal clients.

3 – Ditching quality for quantity. Many websites will create content just for the sake of having more pages and more copy to click through. Search engines and customers are both looking for quality content– meaning content that is on-topic, to the point, and using only keywords that directly relate to your business. Don’t stray from your quality just to make more pages.

4 – Not optimizing pages. Skipping over important SEO aspects of your pages means you’re not harnessing all of possible tools at your disposal to help your ranking. Spending time and attention to detail on each page can help you to not only best appease search engines, but to help your odds at finding the right customers for your business.

These habits are all commonly-employed, but overall aren’t schemes that will slip by search engines or your potential clients. Focusing on good, industry-standard SEO is the best way to naturally increase your website traffic and find you the best conversions– you don’t need these bad habits any longer. Let i3 help clear out these old techniques and amp up your site with some fresh SEO work, help up to industry standards and created specifically for your needs. Contact us today!  

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