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How to Perform Email Marketing with Mobile in Mind

Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers in the loop with newsletter, reminders, and more. However, it’s important to remember when creating and sending these out that the method they’re most often opened is via smart phones. Why is this important? If you’re not optimizing your email marketing for mobile traffic, then you can be missing out on a whole range of opportunities simply because viewers can’t read, understand, or use your emails appropriately. Here are our tips on how to perform email marketing with mobile viewers in mind:

– Make sure the email size is relatively small. Larger file sizes require downloads, which may mean your email goes unread. Most people often don’t spare much time to look at their emails throughout the day, so ensure that no downloads will be required to get your message across.

– Organizing your content into a single column will help keep your content organized and easy to read, even on smaller screens. Keeping your content condensed and in orderly chunks that can be easily read on phone screens means viewers are more likely to understand all that you’re trying to say.

– Keep links separate to ensure they can all easily be selected without any issues. Stacking links closely together makes it harder to choose between them on phone screens, so try to keep them as separate as possible in order to make viewer taps easier.

– Use a catchy subject line to persuade them to open your emails. This is important for desktop formatting too, but it becomes even more crucial with mobile traffic, because your email is often more difficult to open and digest on those apps and mobile sites.

Overall, these steps will help you make your email marketing campaign simpler and more appealing to your viewers! These are a great way to get started, but there are many more aspects to consider in email marketing design, content, and campaign setup. Contact i3 today to get started in learning more or for help with your own email marketing!

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