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Earning Grants for Your Non-Profit from Google

Marketing can do wonders for a nonprofit– it can help you in gathering volunteers, spreading your mission, advertising your events, and even connecting with your local community! However, sometimes it can be hard to find the funding to do as much of it as you’d like. At i3, we appreciate this struggle that you face and we’re here to help you in earning Google AdWords grants that can earn you free online advertising!

The Google Nonprofit Grant is a valuable resource that provides 501©3 nonprofit charitable organizations that are in good standing $10,000 every month in free advertising from Google AdWords! This can become a priceless resource for your nonprofit, allowing you to truly expand your reach and push past your marketing budget through the world’s most popular search engine. Utilizing this can push your cause out to greater audiences, giving your mission the attention and earning the donations you need to continue forward.

If you’re looking into this grant, we recommend you partner with a qualified marketing agency who knows how it works, how to qualify, and the best ways to optimize its benefits! There are guidelines to qualify and an application to go through, including a one-time fee of $250 to have us submit the application.

At i3, we’re ready to help you qualify for this grant and ensure that your application is not only successful but that you continue to be eligible in the future! Once you earn the money, our marketing professionals can help guide you in how to best take advantage of the ad allowance it will give your charity. What kinds of messages do you want to put out there and how is it best to do so? How much of this money should be spent, when, and on what? Our experts can lead you in establishing ads worthy of the grant money and ready to help achieve your nonprofit’s goals.

If you’re a part of a local nonprofit that’s ready to take advantage of this huge opportunity, then give i3 a call! We know how to handle this process and will be glad to help your nonprofit reap the most of its benefits. Let’s sit down to talk about whether or not your nonprofit will qualify for this resource and how you can be making the most out of it!

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