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Customer Engagement After Sales

While the process of earning the attention of potential customers and building up sales may be a difficult journey, it’s at least rather straightforward for many businesses. Marketing products and services, offering discounts, maintaining a website and social media, conducting search engine optimization– it’s an endless process, with a wide range of clear possibilities to choose from. However, when it comes to engaging with customers after a sales conversion, there is a whole new strategy to take on.

Engaging with your customers after your initial sale could and should be handled differently, as the same tactics aren’t exactly the goal. When first engaging with a customer, a business is typically encouraging consumers to buy their products or services, but if someone has already made this decision then what is there left? Typically, the next goals are retaining their consumer loyalty and ensuring that they are satisfied with their choice. 

Once a product or service has been provided, it may seem like there are minimal ways to influence how a customer views their choice in using your business, but there are a couple of major ways you can still influence this and engage with them even after their initial purchase.

One way of doing this is by earning their loyalty. Now, loyalty can be earned in a manner of ways, but the best way to help in this is ensuring your customers feel like they’re satisfied with their experience. In other words, they want to feel as though your business has made a positive impact for them or to see some benefit in returning to you. You can take many approaches to this, from mentioning nonprofits your business is supporting, sharing client success stories and encouraging reviews, or even loyalty programs to entice customers to return.

Another method is to offer customer assistance or education with tutorials, Q and A’s, or other types of help online. This will give them a reason to continue to follow up with your business, gaining more from their experience with you and keeping up that level of engagement. This can help earn your business positive attention, may up your customer retention, and it will also provide great content for your website and social media platforms!

If you’re struggling to keep in touch with customers after their initial decision to work with your business, there are a vast number of paths you can take. i3 Media Solutions is ready to help you find the right one for your business! Contact us today to learn more.

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