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Driving Up User Conversion

Website traffic and social media follows are a great signal that customers are enjoying your brand, but a more crucial aspect to consider is conversion! Conversion refers to the amount of traffic and attention your business gets, compared to the amount that converts into sales and fulfilling customers. Conversion is the ultimate marketing goal, because it’s the difference between attention and meaningful interactions– it’s what actually drives your business’ profit! So, what steps can be taken to boost your conversions? Taking the latest trends into account, here are our top tips to help!

1 – Utilize video marketing! Video marketing is not only increasing in popularity, but it’s known to drive consumer engagement. In fact, according to Tubularinsights, sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social media videos. Videos are a fun way to share your business’ information without needing to use text, giving them instead a more interesting media to attract and maintain their attention.

2 – Integrate marketing based off of customer needs! It’s no secret that customers like to know that your business can help them. However, it can be difficult to focus on how to take advantage of this! To weave this into your marketing strategy, consider showcasing past project results, offering examples of problems you can fix, or even mentioning how a product or service was made with your customers in mind! This touch of thoughtfulness will help promote the idea that your business can fulfill something one of your viewers will want or need.

3 – Host live events or webinars to teach or involve both your clientele and potential customers! Whether it’s a community event, fundraiser, sign-up event, in-person sale, or even classes either online or in-person, events can drive high engagement with not only your current customers but with potential ones and even your surrounding community. Being able to prove your business’ worth to the community by teaching, drive their engagement by giving them a day and place to meet you, or showcasing positive missions are all wonderful and impactful additions to your marketing strategy.

4 – Step up your mobile marketing! It’s been months now since it was proven that mobile search engine use has surpassed desktop, so if you have yet to take advantage of this, then it’s time to do so! Adopt a mobile marketing campaign, including ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly. Not only is this crucial, but try to take charge with what else is popular! Try offering text alerts or coupon codes, emails that are optimized for mobile viewing, and be sure to try your hand at social media platforms! All of these are crucial to phone usage and capturing attention on mobile.

No matter your current marketing strategy, try to start weaving these steps into your marketing efforts to boost up that valuable conversion rate! Focus on that as a main goal of your business marketing in order to ensure the most returns for your investment. If you need some help, don’t hesitate to contact i3 today!

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