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Changing With Our Clients

At i3, we are constantly in contact with our clients to make sure their website is still performing well for them and meeting their needs. As we move through relationships with our clients, we find things that may need to be changed to individualize a website to their particular needs. Originally designed in 2002, the current version of the website for Story Works Group in Tucson is our third redesign. Working closely with Glenda, the owner of Story Works Group, we chose to create a responsive WordPress website. Keeping with the branding from the original site design, we aimed at keeping a professional and approachable feel to the site. This website also features a call out that appears at the top of each page of content to showcase important Story Works news.


Check out the improved Story Works Group website (http://www.storyworksgroup.com/ ) and give i3 a call today to see what we can do to tailor your website to your needs.

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