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7 Digital Marketing Company Faults

Finding the right digital marketing agency can be a hassle, especially with the variety of options available to you and your business. However, there are a lot of ways to root out what may be poor options, and we’re more than happy to share them! As a part of the digital marketing field, we know what operating to the best industry standard means, and it’s unfortunate that not all service providers are ready to do the same. As an agency that believes in education and full transparency, we’re ready to share 7 digital marketing agency faults to look out for!

1 – Poor Communication – Communication between any business and their clients is key and digital marketing agencies are no exception to this rule. In your communication with the agency, you should feel like you know whom to contact and how, whether it’s by phone, email, or otherwise. Responses should be given within a reasonable time period, with professional language and the answers you’re seeking.

2 – Dishonesty or Shifty Explanations – While you may not fully understand all of the works behind the digital marketing field, the company you work with should be honest, up front, and ready to explain anything behind the work they do for you. If they can’t present you with feedback data, account access, or full explanations that you can understand, then they may not be worth your trust.

3 – Bad Client Retention – Are their clients sticking around? Being able to draw in new business is important because it shows their marketing expertise, but if a marketing agency is struggling to keep their current clients, then that’s a definite sign that something may be wrong with their services. If their client portfolio and testimonials don’t expand past a few months and they’re not a new firm, then question it.

4 – No Tailoring of Services – Are they handing you a pre-made proposal? If a company is handing you a contract with no individualization based on your business’ needs, then you are settling. Pick a company that will optimize their work for you! Expect to have a sit-down before talking through a contract, or at least to hear what analysis the company has done on your efforts and your online performance.

5 – No Analyzation – Speaking of analysis, you can expect that a firm that has your best interests in mind will conduct thorough analyses on your business’ marketing! Not only should this happen before their work begins so they know how you’re starting off, but as they perform their own work as well. Checking back on numbers and results means they know how to move forward with improving the strategy.

6 – Poor Marketing Strategy – If you’re looking for what to expect from an agency, look at their own marketing! Check out their website, social media platforms, and other online marketing efforts. If nothing is coming up or you’re not a fan of what you’re seeing, then they may not be the right company to work with. A digital marketing agency should have a strong online presence with a voice and a lot of activity to share. After all, this is their field! Judge a florist by how they arrange their own flowers; judge a marketing company by how they conduct their own marketing. You will also want to watch out for companies that outsource third parties to accomplish parts of their marketing– they may do the same for you.

7 – Promising Specific Results – Digital marketing isn’t a precise science. While marketing experts often know the trends, tactics, and techniques needed to gain online attention, concrete plans are often only for show. Any firm promising you top search engine results, increases of followers by an exact number, or otherwise, is a business to stay wary of. While increases like this should happen with whatever company you choose, there is no way to measure or adequately guess what exact results anyone can provide for you.

With this in mind, if you’re still looking for a digital marketing company, give i3 a call! We believe in full customer education, meaning you know and understand the work we’re doing and we’re more than happy to explain any concepts beyond your understanding. We know that communication, trust, and analysis are crucial to digital marketing work and you can expect us to be on top of those aspects of your work with us. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your business, set up a meeting with us!  

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