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Usability Over Beauty

A beautiful website may be a good goal to have on hand, but even more important is ensuring your website’s usability. After all, what’s the point of a pretty website that no one can use? The basic thought behind a website is to draw in customers and earn sales, so ensuring they get the most from your website is key. Here are some important notes to remember when considering how to design a good website, keeping in mind that usability is more important than sheer beauty:

– Design isn’t just about aesthetic. Design dictates how pages are used, how clear they are, and overall, how each of them is understood. Without clear design elements like navigation, sections of text, and an overall flow, your site lacks the basics it needs to be considered usable.

– Users can start at any page of your website. You may have a landing page ready, but also keep in mind that traffic from search engines can come through at any given page, so make sure your viewers won’t be lost if they hop in on another random page. Ensure it’s clear what your site is and how to use it from their first experience with it.

– Dated design details can be confusing. Using trends in your websites can be fun and look nice, but many trends come and go. Keep your website updated by picking timeless design elements and ensuring you update to suit technological advancements. Your website should look familiar to viewers– not outdated and alien to what else they’ve seen.

When it comes to website design, put your user experience first. Think about how the flow and function of your website will make the most sense to users, then keep them in mind throughout the entire design process. A beautiful website is important, but not as much as a functioning one. Contact i3 today to learn more or to get started working on your own!

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