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6 Tips for a Better LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles tend to get dry, and here’s why– many people treat it like a basic, online resume! This disregards not only the fact that it’s a social media platform, but that it also functions as a sort of search engine to connect people who are looking for meaningful business relationships. Utilizing the built-in features of the platform and focusing on SEO, you can help optimize your reach and traffic on LinkedIn to start making it a more useful platform for your business’ growth. Try out these tips to lead you in the right direction:

1 Fully customize your profile. Make sure you fill in every option they give you to complete your profile, with pictures, copy, and various information to ensure that your page has a finished look. This should give you an edge over others in terms of content, but then it’s important to work on refining it.

2 Make sure your copy is high quality and uses keywords important to your business for SEO. When people search for a business like yours, try to think of key words that will come to their minds and incorporate them into your text. If you need some help, try searching for similar businesses yourself!

3 Incorporate calls to action! Start bringing in engagement by giving potential connections the right action to take to communicate with you! Whether that is giving you a call, sending you an email, or even just sending a message over LinkedIn, make sure there’s at least one visible call to action to let them know how to get in touch.

4 Gather recommendations. Testimonials are important in all aspects of online marketing, including the ones specific to this platform. Having recommendations can help your business to stand out and give your viewers a good look at your reliability and overall quality of work. Try asking your clients or business connections for some!

5 Engage! It’s important, if you want to earn the attention of certain business or professionals, to engage with them over these platforms. This can also help you to earn engagement for yourself! It’s important, however, that you focus most of your energy on only your ideal sorts of connections or clients, otherwise you risk straying too far from your goals.

6 Use analytics! Your LinkedIn analytics can give you valuable feedback, highlighting which areas of your profile need work and letting you know what may be your strong suits, which you can better focus on. Looking at analytics is a great means of reviewing and bettering your strategy.

Try giving these tips a try to start increasing the traffic and overall performance of your LinkedIn profile! These should set you well on your way to success, but if you need further help with this or any other aspect of marketing, contact i3!

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