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4 of the Latest Social Media Platform Updates

Having a hard time keeping up on the latest social media news? You’re definitely not alone! Even though it feels like some aspects of business are still at a standstill this year, social media platforms continue to evolve and grow. These platforms are often a key point in being successful marketing your business, so it pays to pay attention! Let us help fill you in on the latest social media platform updates:

– User amounts continue to climb! Facebook boasted the addition of another 100 million monthly active users in Q2 and Pinterest is now up to 416 million monthly active users overall. Now, those are some numbers! Keeping your eye on which platforms are trending and growing is a great way to stay in touch with your audience– see if any of your customers use either of these platforms and try adding them into your strategy, if you haven’t already!

– You may have seen the proposed ban the president wants to pose on TikTok in the United States, but even amidst these rumors, the platforms continues to cite its reasons to stick around. Aside from being an American past-time of rising popularity, it’s also publishing how they handle user data, in order to combat the claims being made. Furthermore, TikTok has been a great way for small businesses to reach their younger customers– don’t fret too much about the platform just yet.

– Twitter has been offering surveys on what offerings users would be interested in paying for. Among these potential subscription options, they’re considering: custom profile colors, auto replies, job listings, trainings, different administrator roles, badges, and even an undo send button for tweets. Keep an eye out on their new plans, as these could be some great options to help your business stand out and get more involved on Twitter! You can even go vote for your favorites right on the platform itself.

Snapchat has recently launched a campaign focused on promoting its uses for business! Hopeful to drum up interest in using the platform for marketing purposes, they’re focusing on how normal, user-generated content is often more viable than relying on celebrities or other popular influencers. This may be worth taking note of, as they’re offering different ideas tailored to helping businesses out right now.

Social media marketing is always changing and evolving, but we’re happy to help catch you up to speed. These are 4 of the most recent updates for major platforms, but remember to keep an eye out for more news from our experts. If you want help tackling all there is to social media, contact the i3 team today!

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