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Stepping Away from HTTP

According to studies over internet usage, many users don't often think about a website's security based on the icons provided to them. People are too often blinded or…

Published 6 years ago

Safe Browsing Adaptations

Browsing online can be a danger many don't expect-- however, there are several ever-evolving methods of dealing with these dangers. Since 2005, Safe Browsing has been in place…

Published 6 years ago

How Usability Can Affect Ranking

When designing a website, so many things need to be taken into consideration. One major aspect that can easily get overlooked is “usability.” Usability refers to the user-friendliness…

Published 7 years ago

Do You YouTube?

With over a billion users (almost one-third of all internet users) accessing YouTube, the video site has become the next big platform for business growth.  Starting out as…

Published 7 years ago

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