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Inspiration to Take from Businesses Thriving During Social Distancing (Marketing During Social Distancing Series Part 3)

Puzzled about what your business can do to stay active during this period of time? You’re not alone– it’s an unprecedented time for everyone and as business owners, the choice of how you tackle it is ultimately up to you. While there may be many restrictions and normal business practices that need to be avoided in order to encourage public safety, take some time to think outside of the box on what you can do during this time! The opportunities may surprise you. To get started, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series!

We’ve found quite a few ways businesses are changing things up and thriving right now, so we’ve compiled some examples that you may find useful!

1 – Hosting Live Videos – Social media lives have been in rising popularity even regardless of the present situation, but now more than ever, it’s a great way to connect with your audience. We’ve seen businesses providing helpful tutorials, answering questions, leading workout routines, and more!

2 – Virtual Events – Events cancelled? Take them online! Right now, you can see a range of everything, like virtual meetings, seminars, classes, celebrations, paint parties, and more. There are plenty of online tools and free software you can use to get started– we prefer Zoom!

3 – Specials on carryout, pickup, or delivery – We generally see this apply more to food-based businesses, but lately more companies are embracing the importance of social distancing and offering their products for curbside pickup or delivery. These options are great for businesses with physical products, ensuring health and safety while continuing to make sales.

4 – Helping aid the cause – If you see a way your business can give back or help those in the medical field during this time, consider doing so! We’ve seen businesses creating fabric masks, spreading free education, hosting fundraisers, and organizing different ways to help keep people safe and entertained from their homes.

If you’re looking for ways your business can fit into all of this, then consider contacting i3 today! We can help coach you through ways your business can survive, thrive, and even make a difference during this crucial time period. Let’s start talking it out with a virtual meeting! 

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