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Choosing the Best CMS For Your Website

Whether you’re building a brand new website or refreshing your existing site, a common question you might be asked is which platform you want it built on?  There are many choices, and choosing the wrong platform can cause a lot of headaches down the road.

At i3, we always give customers the choice of what they prefer.  Is it WordPress? Joomla? Drupal? To make a proper decision, you first have to ask yourself, will it be easy to migrate to another platform down the road?  Will I be able to add content and do some basic SEO on my own without needing a developer?  And most importantly, will I be able to keep the site updated to prevent security problems?

90% of the time, the best choice for your website will be WordPress.  You may be asking yourself, isn’t WordPress just for blogs?  The simple answer: no!  Since its inception nearly 15 years ago, it has grown into a full-scale Content Management System with thousands of developers behind it. Even huge companies such as Walt Disney, the Chicago Sun, and Best Buy use WordPress!  It’s infinitely scalable and very easy to learn.

Did you know that nearly one-third of websites are built on the WordPress platform?  There’s a good reason for this:

  • WordPress is a very stable platform
  • WordPress is updated regularly
  • It’s been around since 2003!
  • It’s open-source
  • It can act as a robust e-commerce platform
  • It’s built on PHP, a highly scalable programming language
  • It’s very easy to use

Have any questions about WordPress?  Give us a call!

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