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10 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies to Explore

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are well-known as two of the biggest shopping holidays of the year, with retailers going out of their way to market door busters and insane sales that will drive consumers out of their beds for the better half of these holiday mornings.  So how do you make sure your business benefits from this time of year? It’s important that you keep your eye on what other businesses are offering and do what you can to market NOW! Here are a few of our best tips that you can still put into play before Thanksgiving starts off the holiday shopping madness:

1 – Create a Holiday Gift Guide! This can be as simple as an image on social media advertising your latest products, or as complex as sending out an actual, printed holiday guide with sales to advertise. Either way, give your customers ideas as to how your products can best be given this holiday season in order to give them ideas for stopping by!

2 – Advertise doorbuster sales! Doorbusters are meant to be deals too good to resist, and they often come in a limited supply! Offer a limited stock of a hot product with a sale and you’ll be sure to drive customers’ interest.

3 – Take advantage of social media and email marketing! Many businesses are flooding every marketing channel possible this time of year, but two of the most likely to get you noticed are also rather budget-friendly!

4 – Offer free gifts or services! Everyone loves a free deal, but it’s not always budget-friendly to offer free gadgets, even if they’re cheap. Consider “buy __, get __ free” types of sales, or even just offer FREE gift wrapping the day of Black Friday, or FREE delivering on Cyber Monday!

5 – Make sure your sale lasts! While your deals can be limited-time or stock, extending your sale past the bounds of what other businesses do may benefit you by making it easier on customers to stop in. Many businesses will run sales as early as Wednesday or Thursday to get the jump on other businesses, and they can even last through the weekend and into Cyber Monday if you really way to give them some extra time!

6 – Now is the time to push gift card sales! Many businesses will offer you discounts, coupons, or additional gift card amounts with any that you buy this time of year– consider marketing yours in similar fashion! They make great stocking stuffers or gifts for even the most difficult people to shop for.

7 – Treat your VIP/loyalty customers or regulars to special deals! Everyone loves to see their brand loyalty pay off, so why not make your deals extra sweet to those who spend their time following and supporting your business? They’re likely to continue their support if you give back with special discounts or more!

8 – Offer a deal of the hour for Cyber Monday! Cyber Monday is a day specially-designed for consumers to spend shopping online, so make sure that your deals extend to their reach too! Change up your deals by the hour to catch and keep their attention!

9 – Spend extra time on your marketing for the next couple of weeks! Now is the time to focus on really putting in the effort to make the most of your holiday sales, so focus now while you still have the time.

10 – Prepare your business for extra customers, any possible issues, and re-stock anything you think will need it! Take this time to ensure your business can perform its best during the rush, so that your customers still have a great experience with your business.

For more ideas or for help making this last push with your business marketing before Black Friday hits, contact i3 today!

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