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Frankie Lemer

Creative Director & Founder, i3

Inspired by her father’s passion and entrepreneurial spirit, Frankie Lemer has built 8 successful companies from the ground up. Her business experience gives her a unique insight into how different types of businesses run; and that, combined with Frankie’s background in both technology and marketing, allows her to understand the important elements of a quality online presence that help your business attract the right prospect and convert them into leads.

Frankie has spent years listening to business owners express their frustrations with online marketing companies. Everyone has a horror story about their previous provider. In addition, everyone had a similar problem of not knowing where to focus and how to execute their marketing to achieve results. 

Frankie has many years of experience in traditional marketing methods, however, she specializes in inbound marketing, using a combination of search, social media, and content marketing, to enable you to create a larger digital footprint that increases your online visibility and generates more quality inbound leads.

Frankie has a deep love of technology, a passion for helping people, and a desire to see clients succeed.

Frankie understands that technology changes fast and what worked yesterday may not work today. She is constantly staying on top of best practices and new approaches to give her clients the benefit of cutting-edge knowledge and a proven approach.

Additionally, Frankie does not participate in any affiliate programs for any products related to marketing or web development and remains completely objective about what she recommends for you. This eliminates any potential conflict of interest and ensures that your business gets the right tools for your unique needs.

Frankie has been blessed with many opportunities to speak and educate diverse audiences on topics ranging from social media to website design and SEO best practices. 

Frankie Lemer has developed curriculums and taught classes in graphic design, website design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, illustration, cartooning, claymation, and HTML.

Frankie has guided countless business owners in growing their businesses. She has a knack for making things easy to understand. She will explain things in easy-to-understand terms and help move you in the right direction.

Together with the team, she can help you to navigate areas such as website design, social media, advertising, blogging, email marketing and so much more.

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