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About Picture Behind Desk

https://youtu.be/bq9AAfOmFK4 Turn our marketing experts’ insights into income with the help of a group that can build off of one another and expert guidance based on years of experience. Interested?…

Published 2 years ago
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COVID-19 Business Update

https://youtu.be/u_urJEsq_1E When it comes to business marketing, here's a bit of an update on what you should be doing about COVID-19! Martha is here to guide you through some steps…

Published 2 years ago
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Content Marketing and Context

https://youtu.be/oTQetjGpXBg It's no surprise that when you're marketing, CONTENT continues to be important! However, it's also becoming increasingly crucial that we also focus on CONTEXT! Let's chat during a FREE,…

Published 2 years ago
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How to Step Up Your Seasonal SEO

https://youtu.be/7K1tbGPNTL4 When seasons change, so should Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! Here's our crash course on "How to Step Up Your Seasonal SEO", ready to watch here or on our YouTube…

Published 2 years ago
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Social Media Goals

https://youtu.be/gRV8UsL0fsE What are YOUR social media goals? You shouldn't be marketing your business without some! Our experts are here to help you set realistic, helpful goals to help promote what's…

Published 2 years ago
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2020 Marketing

https://youtu.be/242rxLSU4kU It's been a wild year! What do our experts expect out of marketing continuing through 2020? Frankie is here to discuss one of our predictions and it's importance! Let's…

Published 2 years ago
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Being Real

https://youtu.be/YpBqsswhikc Being REAL online is now a must for your marketing so succeed! Martha can explain further here, or during a FREE, virtual consultation set up through our Facebook page:…

Published 2 years ago

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