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We are all about spreading imagination, innovation, and inspiration.

Our digital marketing experts participate within the community to continue sharing marketing information and education in many different forms. Below, you can browse our published articles, learn from our latest interviews, and even listen in for our monthly podcast, The Social Circle Network!

Previous Appearances

Frankie Lemer and Martha Chinnock from i3 Media Solutions on The Marana Chamber Podcast

Ever wonder why the i3 Media Solutions team shines so brightly in the Digital Marketing space? 🌟 Spoiler Alert: they are all “working in their own flame”. Check out the #MaranaBusinessCommunityPodcast to see exactly what that means! 🔥

Martha Chinnock on Built With Grit with Louis Fernandez

As host Louis explains, what I love most about networking is getting to know amazing people like Martha Chinnock. She probably has one of my all-time favorite interview stories.

i3 Media Solutions on Tucson Means Business from Tucson Business Radio

Frankie & Martha chat with Mark during Tucson Means Business on Tucson Business Radio. Check it out here or listen below.

Martha of i3 Media Solutions on Connecting Tucson With Jaime Overturf Tucson Business Radio

Martha chats with Jaime about what makes i3 Media Solutions unique. Check it out here or listen below.

Frankie of i3 Media Solutions published an article titled "Creating an Authentic Client Experience" in the 2020 Refashiond Mag By Jessica Korff, published 1/23/2021

Frankie & Martha of i3 Media Solutions chatting with Jessica from Success REfashiond Magazine

the social circle network logo

The Social Circle Network

proudly sponsored by i3 Media Solutions

This monthly podcast is all about sharing our passion for the local community and support for other business professionals through fun, themed episodes and group interviews. Each month, we’ll focus on a new topic that is near and dear to both our team and the Tucson community, highlighting local business owners to discuss these matters, share their stories, and inspire our audience. In sharing their expertise and passion, we hope to create connections throughout the community that will bring us all together. Join us in sharing our fondness for the many unique aspects and specialties that make up our community! 

Learn more about Martha, our host, on our about page.

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