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Marketing Calendar Session

Marketing Calendar Session

Wednesday, Aug 7, 2019

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Did you start the year with marketing goals and objectives? Are you on track with achieving those goals? Do you need help creating a plan to help make the last months of the year your most profitable?

If you’re marketing your business and you don’t have a marketing calendar, you’re probably not capitalizing on your efforts.

Marketing calendars help plan, organize, and schedule your marketing efforts. They’re a place where all of your social media posts, blogs, newsletters, videos, podcasts, graphics, and ads strategically come together. A calendar can help keep your marketing efforts on time, on track, and on your mind– don’t let precious thoughts and ideas fall through the cracks, keep those notes with your marketing calendar, too.

If you’re reading this, I’m willing to bet you don’t have a system in place to organize and repurpose your content just yet. If you’re not leveraging your marketing content for all its got, you might be missing out on priceless engagement, traffic, and leads. A marketing calendar can collect and help you harvest all of this content, letting you see the overall collection of your ideas and materials with ease and helping your campaign to thrive.

A marketing calendar can open up a whole new realm of possibilities for your marketing campaign, expanding your horizons and allowing you the room for easy growth. Consider what a marketing calendar can do for you:

– Easily plan marketing projects in advance for your business.

– Anticipate what is coming down the pipeline, so you can get ahead and stay on track.

– Alter your future strategy based on what has been successful and what hasn’t.

– Streamline your plans into one fluid and collective campaign by seeing the overall collection of materials.

– Oversee crucial upcoming dates and track the time you have to complete your projects.

– Keep your goals in mind, with planning some larger-picture projects further down the road.

– Create timelines for your marketing ideas and easily organize events and the time you have to sort them out.

– Collect your marketing plans and concepts all in one place, easily ready to start integrating into your existing schedule.

A marketing calendar can help keep you and your business on track, optimizing your marketing campaign and helping you stay on the right path to achieve your end goals. Marketing content calendars collect, organize, and plan your ideas to keep them easily at your fingertips. They can truly make your ideas come to life– that’s what a content calendar can do for your business!


Event Location

i3 Media Solutions
7070 N. Oracle Rd. #208
Tucson, AZ85704

Event Fees

$ 125.00
attendance before July 1st
$ 115.00
Marketing Guide Workbook (optional)
$ 45.00

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